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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2011 10:30am-11:00am PDT

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and identify the highest priorities. and to identify if they worked together in doing this. to identify abilities and strategies >> senior staff will sit down for several have to sessions and prepare for this. we can involve you selectively or individually. i am not sure how he would like? he would like to have a larger discussion before july, when would be a good time? vice president moran: whenever you think. president vietor: i of the few things i would like to add offline. we can do that on more of a one- on-one basis.
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so we can be in this process so we can have a more productive, fruitful conversation in july -- it seems like we have the work- action sustainability plan, and we need to make sure he can get as much fun as possible. >> you are welcome. commissioner torres: also, july will be our test for certain forms and procedures. need to know enough in advance that we can pay proper attention to them. >> we have referred to july several times here. just as a side note, the last two years, the president is
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cameron clark. in cameron's husband died last night. there will be a memorial service this thursday. if you would like to be there, let me know. president vietor: thank you. >> the last item on the general managers' report -- do we have a bolt for sfpuc's investing in our community including a new web page and ways to talk about how people see the puc. we have asked mr. jue to talk about that. >> thank you. i'm very excited to be here. what we're asking the commission for today is feedback. there is no formal action to be
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taken. it is just a new look and feel for the agency. on the agenda -- i will send this over. we have some long-term strategies. the reason we chose to the branding effort now -- and also how we structure of this to be a low-cost transition. and then i will take the back and questions. our priorities are about establishing credibility with both the public and our internal staff. we do that by providing opportunities for engagement, for awareness. whether we're doing our newsletter, talking to the commission, we tried to focus on our message to people and what those messages far.
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this correlates to the sustainability plan. we are trying to present ourselves as high-quality, dependable services. we are doing so in a way that is transparent. we are all part of the process early on. and moving along to our training partnerships and investing in communities. we often time reach out see you -- we oftentimes reach out to community groups when we have construction process. we cannot have a community partnership that we developed with our outreach. and finally -- growing a green and sustainable initiative. some of the key is if you look
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for an impending success are here. comprehension, accessibility, negative and positive associations. a lot of the recurrent issues we have with our current name is there is a lack of comprehension and memorability. the name sentences the public utilities commission -- the name san francisco public utilities commission. there is a lack of recognition. there is also the competition with a regulatory body for the state'. there is the ease of pronunciation and simplicity. sfpuc is pretty simple. is that how our customers relate to us? we of done a good job creating a positive -- we have done a good
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job creating a positive image for ourselves. this discussion with the re- branding began in 2006. we started to talk with the assistant advisory committee, and what we saw was the top five teams suggested by staff, delineating what we do here at our agency. it has been simmering all this time. we reached this point where our involvement in the branding and redesigning our website have brought us here right now. thinking along the lines of trying to reduce -- this is the opportune time to do it. to incorporated into the existing activities.
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to give you an idea of our existing web site -- it is on the screen. it is pretty bad. you really cannot find anything. you cannot find what you are looking for. this is an example of what we are transitioning to, this new web site. you are providing the key services that people are looking for. so, what is in a name? i will follow that up. that which we call our rose by any other name will smell as sweet. this is from " romeo and juliet." juliet loved one romeo because of the personality, not the name associated with romeo. his family name.
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we have a new agency will, which is a really delineating and identifying the services we provide with the icon -- taking elements of our existing puc lobo to aid in continuity. you see the lightning bolt and the raindrop. umass them all together and really -- you mash them all together and really identify this as an icon that illustrates very clearly what services we provide. i have this next slide. we are talking about a identifying the services that are provided by the san francisco public utilities commission. you see the services of the sentences the public utilities commission.
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and we developed some treatment on the back of these business cards. the operator of the hetch hetchy water system. and we've combined the is to find opportunities to learn from. -- and we have combined these to find opportunities to learn from. for our in-city customers, their needs are a little different. so, what we are proposing is a regional business card look, outlining the hetch hetchy water system again, the san francisco public utilities commission. and then, we have space for our regional emergency number. for example -- the 24-hour hot
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line. we have an example of our emergency card. we have the letterhead. san francisco water, power, sewer. the icon is in the corner, and the general manager of listed in the right hand. instead of highlighting the services -- we move to the bottom for the services of the san francisco public utilities. this is really a low-cost transition. that was a big concern. all this was done in-house by
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our communications staff. it is great we got them on board. i want to thank our graphics design team for all their hard work. you see, we are not only talking about an electronic template change. the business cards, the letterhead. we intend this to be a gradual transition. we are, in effect, still the san francisco public utilities commission. if we run out of those cards, we will transition over. and the other cost would be the gradual replacement. and again, we are talking about a gradual replacement over a long period of time.
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that is when the new decal would be added. our implementation plan would be reaching alex to staff. we want to continue -- we would be reaching out to staff. we want to continue those meetings. this fits into our longer-term figure. this is -- again, the end all, be all of outreach and communications. this is a way for us to brand ourselves in the public. we are scheduling a meeting with the fiscal advisory committee next week to talk about our long-term communications. with that, i will take pot shots for questions. -- or questions.
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[laughter] commissioner courtney: i do not know why we need new id cards or letterhead. why do we need that? >> we began a process last year, and we were already moving away, so we were trying to tiny and now while we were doing that. if this were the time -- commissioner courtney: was it really expressed by the rate payers that they wanted a new look for the puc? >> i think it was inspired by people not really knowing who we are. commissioner courtney: as long as i am flushing my toilet and
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it goes down and getting my water, i am happy and the rates are competitive. i do not think the rate payers have even asked if they were -- >> supervisor, commissioners -- a completely get your point. and in some ways, i inherited this. that in 2006, there were discussions. i got somewhat involved. it was either let's just do it or let it fester. i was ordering business cards, and i realize, as you did, they were incredibly costly.
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so, why are we ordering business cards like this when we have the production bureau which our city employees -- which are city employes to do it. that brings us back to something that no one has ever done. could we not do it all? it was either say, and not done, make it go away, it was a long time subject of discussion at the puc. commissioner courtney: i just saw this as a of waste of personnel and resources that we could have used to educate the public instead of working on our letterhead. [laughter] >> i was hoping the tragedy of
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runyon and juliet would not come into play. -- romeo and juliet would not come into play. there is also an additional effort that it takes to educate the public. commissioner courtney: my point is, that is your responsibility and that responsibility should be utilized by the staff. a lot of people do not know what we do, and rightly so. if we change the letterhead on a state department, a state agency -- have a different card. it does not make sense. i would expect a better utilization of our resources. president vietor: commissioner courtney?
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commissioner courtney: i am looking at page 11, and i really like orange. i am not sure what color that is. the power part. but it is not too late. all maurer, deeper, more powerful orange? >> it is a gold-ish color. president vietor: thank you commissioner courtney -- thank you, commissioner quarter. i have a lot to say about this. we deal with water and power and sewage, and i pictured chicago.
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you feel very strong. and i feel this new logo is too light weight. it is amusing. i have trouble with all the colors. it is not strong. it does not make a stance. christopher is putting the logo on our letterhead. to send out a letter head with a picture behind the prince -- print. i like the idea of how he worked it altogether. it does not look serious. it looks like a toy company instead of what we are, which is a very strong utility.
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>> i really do not mean to prolong this forever. there is a lot of people within the agency who do not like the current logo and current letter head. are you suggesting another different one? commissioner caen: yes. commissioner torres: i do not understand the priority of employees, that they do not like the letterhead. where are they getting that from? >> there have been feelings about this for quite awhile. commissioner torres: those were different times. these are different times. commissioner caen: you know, what i really do like though --
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i like this idea of "water, power, and sewer." that gets the attention. we talked about changing the name of the san francisco public utilities commission. >> changing the charter of the city is not of interest to me. commissioner caen: but this tells what we are. president vietor: commissioner moran? vice president moran: i had a common myself, but i was not going to say anything. [laughter] the discussion shows how powerful images are. that is the reason we went through reprinting exercises -- rebranding exercises even though
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it is always hard for me to take them seriously. these are very powerful images that people respond to. moreover, and the process of coming up with these, it can be used as an organizational, development tools to focus on who you wore, what we believe in, and as an internal tool i am not hostile to it. this really does talk about who we are. the sioux were siou the sewer especially.
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we also call ourselves the please water program. sewers are what people understand. as far as continuing to make the point that we clean up water and protect the environment, that is something that we do in all three enterprises. that is something that we can deal with as part of our educational mission. that does not lead anywhere. for emergency vehicles, where you have the trucks, they respond to a variety of emergencies, not only water but seismic emergencies. caughare we talking about recalg
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trucks? >> no. as part of the budget saving recommendations, one with suggestions was that we only have white vehicles. there is a very visual impact for emergency response. they are not emergency responders. >> the trucks that we have are blue. they had a yellow and orange trucks. that was the power coloration.
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this is a long and sordid history of color coding in san francisco. >> will this be back to us at some point? >> what i'm hearing is that this is not of great interest. i'm also hearing that if we did some work to satisfy the concerns, there is no opposition to doing something. >> given the fact that this fossilizes resources, you can educate the ratepayer about what we are doing. >> labeling the organization is helpful and it would be a very low-cost way to do it. "we're talking about the question about the longer term plan. you said that there is the meeting with -- and they live
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quite valuable to a certain extent. there is a team that advised the city on specific projects. part of this task to do with the greater communications piece that we are engaged in. i find the website extremely and accessible. i think that that ties in with the social media world. this is a little bit of a sidebar, this rebranded and logo. perhaps this can be the resourced or the consultant which can help to advise the commission and the staff on what
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should happen as far as the logo development goes and whether it seems to make sense, what the risk and benefits are. >> does that make sense? maybe there is a time that after that meeting you could come back to the commission and report where it might fit, if they can provide some advice and counsel on where this would fit into the larger communications strategy. >> i would be happy to do this as will not accused of wasting your time. >> we could have this in the context of the communications
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strategy overall. how this would fit in with our communications strategy. >> thank you. >> is your any public comment? >> a brief comment on the solar installation work. we're happy that there has been confirmation in light of the ruling on solar that the city calls this and it will be rebid. this offers more opportunities. this is to and implement the new ordinance.
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we respectfully ask that this will go back to bid as well. thank-you. >> we have no other speaker cards. >> the even speak about this? >> we talked about two projects that had already been awarded and two that had been advertised but pulled back. these were advertised and the others were awarded some time ago. to cancel those would be costly to the puc. it was before any of this
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discussion started to bubble. they were awarded the contracts. the word goes out and a lot of work gets done before it gets obvious. >> my question is probably would be given the change of circumstances with respect to the determination made by the department of standards that this work is now being questioned as being that of a multi craft. is there an appropriate way to revisit the survey information on these? we are completing the design phase. the workers have not hit the job site yet. in all